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BlueStar Mathematics for Schools

We are very keen to work with our school based colleagues. Heads of Mathematics may contact us about arranging significant discounts on the BlueStar Mock Examinations or Mathematics Workshops for their GCSE or A-Level students. 

We are also able to arrange these workshops and mock examinations to be delivered at the school for convenience.

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Since the examination boards have moved to make Mathematics at GCSE and A-Level a linear course, students require further support to gain the necessary experience answering examination questions under pressure and identifiying the tricks.

By filling the contact form to the right, we would be happy to arrange a call to discuss your needs and provide a detailed quotation and arrange significant discounts for purchases for above 30 students.

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BlueStar Mathematics uses Assessment for Learning strategies in both the mock exams and exam technique workshops. We would be happy to provide supporting material which provides guidance on how to include the BlueStar programmes as part of the AfL components of the Scheme of Work used at your school. If you would like to know more, please feel free to contact us via the mail form to the right and one of our experts will provide further details.

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Exam Board specific Mock Exams and Workshops provide the opportunity for students to gain valuable experience for their specific course. Having uniquely created content, students are able to benefit from unseen material that allow for an authentic grade prediction, free from any chance of students seeing papers ahead of time. The exam workshops provide a valuable chance to discuss how various topics link together in the examination and how best to structure a response to achieve the desired grade.

"We used the BlueStar Mock exams to completment our own. The students very much benefited and they worked very well with our staff.  They were professional and efficient."

Mr P Yarnell - Head of Mathematics at Queens Boys School

"A number of our students wanted to sign up for the Exam Technique workshops so we arranged it via the school. I was geniunely impressed at the level of detail covered."

Mrs J Knight - Head of Mathematics at St Georges Boy School

"Our school opted to take both the mock exams and the workshops and we saw an average improvement of 2 grades per student. Highly recommended."

Mr J Winters - Head of Mathematics at East London Academy

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