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External Mock exams

Students can sit Exam Board specific replica papers under exam conditions for a truly authentic mock exam experience.

The BlueStar Mock Exam papers for GCSE and A-Level Mathematics are carefully designed to provide a true likeness of the real exam papers in both question style and complexity.

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Students may sit the exam at their school or at home. Once complete, the answer guide is sent to our Examination Expert Officers for marking and feedback.

Each paper will be thoroughly marked and detailed feedback will be available which highlights the specific areas where the student has lost marks and what must be improved for the real examination.

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The student will be able to arrange an online tutorial session with the Examination Expert Officer to provide additional detailed feedback and demonstrate how best to answer the questions to achieve the top marks. Where mistakes have been identified, the Examination Expert Officer will provide alternative questions to test that the student has made the required improvement in the session.  

The price of these sessions are included in the fee.

Mock exams will be available for sitting from December 2015 until April 2016 for both GCSE Mathematics and A-Level Mathematics.

GCSE Mathematics Mock

Both calcluator and non calculator Mock Exams for:

iGCSE Maths Higher Tier

GCSE Maths Higher Tier

GCSE Maths Foundation Tier

(£50 each set) 

AS Mathematics Mocks

Modules include:

Core 1, Core 2,

Statistics 1

Mechanics 1

Decision Mathematics 1

(£50 each module)

A2 Mathematics Mocks

Modules include:

Core 3, Core 4,

Statistics 2, Statistics 3,

Mechanics 2, Mechanics 3

(£60 each module)

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